4-Year-Old Bayezid Has a Rare Condition That Makes Him Look Like an Old Man

A four year old kid in Bangladesh is having a rare condition that makes him look like an elderly man. Now he has stopped going to school due to the fact that other kids are scared to see him.

Bayezid Hossain is believed to be suffering from progeria, a condition that causes the victim to age 8 times faster than a normal individual.

The signs of an elderly man can be seen from the kid. And in addition to that, he also suffers cutis laxa, which makes his skin hang loosely, his parents are cousins, a tradition in some parts of Bangladesh.

Just like any typical four-year-old, Bayzid Sikder loves playing football, eating his mum’s dinners and enjoying cuddles with his grandad. But his sagging skin and wrinkles make Bayzid, from Magura, Bangladesh, look more like an elderly man than a young boy who is yet to go to school. Medical experts are stunned by his condition and despite Bayzid’s family taking him to numerous hospitals across Bangladesh, doctors have tried and failed to come up with either a diagnosis or treatment.Dr Debashish Biswas, a consultant at Magura hospital, believes Bayzid can eventually make a full recovery but admits the potentially expensive medication could hold up treatment.